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Column on History

Written by: Murad Ali Shahid Doha Qatar
They say that the health of history is not determined by the closure of the narrator’s coins by the loss of the book. And the good narrator is the one who closes the history with “coins” because if history is seen in the mirror of history, then “money” is needed to make history, as is the famous tradition when Akbar. In the wake of Prince Saleem’s love of crime, Anarkali was picking on the wall with the beauty of his wrists, so Salim was not in a campaign or election campaign, but was spending time on a woman’s brothel when he When Prince Saleem was asked about it, he said, “History itself is a witness. We did not do that, but remember that history was also made by his father.” Just as the ‘Ravi’ is flowing like a buzzing bazar, so does the narrator confuse the conditions of history with the fact that the “history” of the history becomes extinct.

You must have heard that history repeats itself. The real experience was when I asked the history teacher, who was also my teacher, how my son was in history, he just said. “Just think history is repeating itself” From that day I had to certify Oscar Wilde’s view that history should be rewritten, but to rewrite history, historians must be right. Many kings have made history by giving “money”, otherwise lying would have been a prince and king instead of a necktie. Read the history if you It is said that the kings did not pay as much attention to the history of marriages and tactics as they did. The wonder is that marriages and wars go on simultaneously, conquering an area if there is marriage, if there is any other choice, marriage. Occasionally, if anything happens, let’s think that it is better to have another marriage than to do nothing. Some kings have been short of war victories and have married more if they were asked what your services were. He proudly points out that “spontaneous” marriages, of course, were the result of such marriages as unmarried children.

Since I am particularly concerned with this article that I have been teaching Pakistan history for twenty years, I have to pay special attention to the history, especially when the children ask me “what is the date today”. A kid asked me in class what is the benefit of head history, so I told you, no matter what happens to me, I get his salary every month. That is, the future of the historian is never dark. The reason is that when the money is paid by the date, then the “Sacred” edition will be written on the history books.

Allama Muhammad Iqbal said “History is the memory of the nations”, it was, he did not know how the people who do not have the memory can be the memory of the history. Due to the weakness of the memory, our history also becomes dark. Once while teaching in class, I said we should learn a lesson from history, a kid Roni stood up and said, “Now we have to read another lesson”. Most of the Mughal rulers in the subcontinent. History is taught, some students even go into the historiography while reading their history. From which you can guess that the Mughals only gave two. He continued to write a history of these works and created other marriages. In the present era when the Mughals met their Mughal lineage, the tears of their hearts were crying because of their well-being, if the Mughals were so, then the original Mughals. If the Mughal rulers actually see them, let them like the Anarkali, they will be thrown into the walls.

During the political procession, a political leader was speaking in a loud manner till late at night, saying, “My political history is a witness, that a very elderly person got up and said that the history of the calendar behind you has changed.” If possible, by signing a new party with a new party, the money will be earned and the other party will get the new date by putting “money”. There is no significant difference in our history and democracy. But how many attacks, seventeen or twenty, were determined by the majority opinion that there were twenty strikes, they call it the changing of history. Or a wall clocks keep you pen a paper by the entire nation is going to change history that is giving me a hint and go to sleep and not wake up, lest the people be.

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