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Husband Wife (Short Story)

Written by: Jabran Ali —–
The heat was at its peak. At noon it would have been more intense, the sun was shining everything by its heat. Because of this, there was a shadow of complete silence on all sides. Trees were visible to the leaves of the trees. When Nasser hears the sound of a wandering thorn, he would go and find a sign of life. He had been plowing with a pair of oxen in his fields since morning. He tied a pair of oxen in the shade and sat himself in the cool shade of the hill at some distance. He had just caught the vein of truth to take two sips, so Zebedee appeared to come from a distance.

Zubida was his wife. Who would bring him lunch every day in the fields. From morning till evening he would plow with the help of bulls in the fields. They both loved each other immensely. They had been married for some time. Naseer came to another village and settled here a few years ago and bought land and started farming. Given the hard work and superior role of Nasser, the family of Zebedee had married Zeda with Nasser. No one in the village ever saw any nail biting between these two spouses. Even though they had no children, they were both very happy. The whole village exemplified both of these spouses. But for a few days, his ideal love had somehow been noticed.

Zubaida always kept pulling with her husband. He tried millions to persuade her, but she was not in any way pleased. His only stubbornness was, “Tell me where you came from and who are you?” All the time, this thought kept circulating in his mind. The displeasure of a person was a burden on his heart and mind, and then Zubaida’s anger could not be tolerated at all.

“Come on, my queen?” When Zebedee placed the tufan near Nasser, Nasser said. Zubaida didn’t respond, leaving the tiffin to sit aside. But Nasser kept talking. Zebedee did not respond to anything. When he had eaten, Zebedee quietly rolled the dishes and made his way home. Before that, though, they both sat and talked for a long time, and when it was noon, a pair of Nasser bulls would stand up to plow and pave the way for a beautiful home. This was a daily routine in his life.

After Zubaida’s departure, Nasser leaned straight under the pretext of straightening his waist. Looking at the blue sky, he thought of Zebedee as how to please him. The thought of his displeasure would make him swim in his heart, making arrows. He was so engrossed in his thoughts that the sky was covered with white clouds like cotton, and after a while a black cloud appeared from behind him, which was roaring like radar. The light of day began to diminish. At first she was always in a hurry to go home but today she was not willing to go home. Zubeda’s thoughts began to fill his heart.

The clouds began to cover the sky, moving like an invading army. With these clouds a chilling breeze began. But in Nasser’s mind, there was a series of thoughts. The idea of ​​it raining did not last. With the first drop of rain the thoughts sat in the sediment as if something had been lost. After sitting there for a while, the sun was hiding behind dark clouds. Within a few minutes the droplets started to rain. His heart began to fade with the thought that it would not be even a minute with him when his reality was revealed. He began to nibble on this fateful moment when Zubeda was suspicious of him in his absence on a bed at night. He was outside and the room was locked inside. The problem of separation from Zebeda had been pouring down on his mind, becoming a hammer.

Seeing the raining rain, she began to realize that she was in the pleasure of ruining it. When the weather inside is depressed and autumn, then the weather outside has no effect on how pleasant it is.

After the burning, everything started to look awkward. The weather was too far gone. When darkness began to rise in the evening, he went home, dragging his feet behind a pair of bulls for a dead heart. She was busy cooking at home. When Nasser first came home from the fields, Zubeda’s smile relieved her of all her tiredness, but today she was busy with her work. When the meal was ready, Nasser got busy working again. While eating, the lumps stuck to his throat, and he drank two sips of milk to take him down the throat. The god of thought was still tied to his fist. It was night, then she turned her back to sleep. He woke up in the valley of sleep for an awkward night, awakening the stars in the sky for awhile.

When Zabida did not give up his stubbornness even after several days of falling, Nasser surrendered. He decided that he would tell Zabida the truth. One afternoon when she took food for him in the fields, Nasser said. “You have now decided that you will ask me to die”.
Zubaida quietly lowered his gaze and nodded his head in yes.

“Well today I will tell you all about myself. But first of all, I must say to you, if you do not think the last time, I will ask a lot. ”

Nasser’s words evoke curiosity and curiosity that the end is something that cannot be explained. And she said to Nasser, “What is the matter with that?” You have to tell yourself, where did you come from? ”

“Fine………. as you wish. Come with me. ”He got up and walked barefoot. Taking a step for Nasser was becoming as heavy as a mountain. He was praying that time should stop here or it would spread for centuries, but God does not listen to all prayers.

As they walked, they climbed a few mounds of dirt. On which there were rats and rabbits and a variety of barbed bushes. There was a deep wound from the mound to the other. In which the rain was stagnant. They both stopped at the shore. Zubeda looked at Nasser with a question, “Now you will find the answer to your question, now look carefully to see who I am”.

At that moment Zebedee saw a black snake falling in the water below. It was a hundred-year-old snake that changed its “yoke” into a human population. Now he takes daily food for Nasser in the fields but after that day he does not see Nasser anywhere.

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