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earthquake in pakistan 2005

Oct 8, 2005 : The day the earth shook

Islamabad (Babar Alyas) I still remember the children and their parents screaming for help but we could not remove those concrete slabs. The earthquake struck around 8:52 am, hitting the northern districts of AJK and the adjoining areas of KP.

“The mountains appear to have been shorn off; its inner light-grey core is visible. It is hard to imagine the force that caused this.” The destruction caused – we had not imagined it in our wildest dreams.

Experts say AJK lies on land beneath which the Eurasian and Indian tectonic plates collide. The geological activity born out of this collision is the reason for the unstable seismic activity in the region.

Most of the children, including mine, were trapped under the rubble. Everyone was frantically trying to rescue them but we didn’t have the tools. The helplessness that gripped those whose relatives were trapped under the rubble has left wounds, which refuse to heal. Our dear ones died as we watched. May Allah bless them with paradise. Amen.

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