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angelina jolie tells her sad story

Angelina Jolie tells her sad story

New York (Qlmdan Online) Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie says my personality completely changed after the actor Brad Pitt separated. The marriage was broken after the divorce. In the past, American actress Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have been very popular, both of whom have also been given the name of Brangelina.

The affair between the two began in 2005, the film was shooting when the two had grown close. Angelina Jolie engaged in 2012, they were married in 2014, they have six children, of whom He adopted the three, but the two separated in 2016, ending the 12-year relationship with the divorce the following year.

According to Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt’s drug abuse and beating to children led to divorce. Now actress Angelina Jolie is talking to a foreign news agency who is currently promoting her new film Maleficent 2, saying that after Bradpitt departure, my personality had changed drastically.

During the interview, the actress said that I do not know about fate but all I can say is that I am getting back to myself because I was lost.

The divorce shattered me. Angelina Jolie said My relationship with Broad ended when I was separated, I couldn’t identify myself, I was broken up a lot, but the reason for her shattering was not just divorce from Brad Pitt, but she was also having problems related to her health.

According to the news agency, Brsf Pitt also reported in the New York Times During an interview given to him, he revealed that after divorcing Angelina, he was trying to break the drug habit.

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